Saturday, 14 May 2011

Weekend in Wales Part 3

The Sunday in Wales saw us going to the Valley of River Gwaun. It is a wonderful creek, I wouldn't go as far as calling it a river. We were alone here just as much as the previous day in most of our walks and it was simply beautiful. It still amazes me to see that people feel the urge to throw away their chocolate papers even in so wonderful places as this river walk. From here we started to drive to Pentre Ifan, another burial chamber, this time a famous and iconic one. The road through the Preseli Hills was really interesting, Brendon even made a video recording the fast drive he enjoyed so much. I thought that this dolmen will be really busy, after all it was weekend and this is really a famous one, but no. Once again, we had the whole place for ourselves.

One interesting discovery we made was that the welsh sheep wear their tail long. Must be the local fashion...

In a petrol station we have heard the shopkeeper speak welsh to her daughter. A very very strange sounding language. I didn't find any similarities to anything I know. I guess that is what people feel when they hear us Hungarians talk.

I was told that the Welsh are rude and the weather is Wales is always rainy. I don't know about all the people and all the weather, but we had sunshine and lovely time.

The next story will come from Brendon and will be about Paris.

Moss and ferns

River Gwaun

Riverside with sheep sprinkle

More river side

Long tailed sheep

Brendon at Pentre Ifan