Monday, 30 August 2010

Visiting Stonehenge and Glastonbury

This Sunday trip went to Stonehenge first. We even got up early thinking that we could get there before the other million tourists who decided to look at stones on this wonderful long weekend. Brendon wanted big wind and dramatic clouds. I wanted a coffee. So we learnt that if we have no cash, we don't have to pay for the parking and if we want to see Stonehenge alone, we have to go to one of the organized early morning or sunset viewing. But beside the mass of people, souvenir shop and food kiosks where I couldn't buy coffee without cash, Stonehenge is special. Because it is windy and the clouds are dramatic and because those stones look magical for 5000 years now.

Everybody was on the phone
Dramatic clouds

Next station was Glastonbury. I half expected seeing hippies and witches running around throwing peace signs at us, but what has happened, that Brendon was called by nature and we ended up at George and Pilgrims eating mushroom soup and lasagna. My advice: Don't go there.

Then we visited all the trinkets shops. Very disappointing. No voodoo, no magic, no magick or magik, just some indian-tibetian-chinese stuff and crystals. There was only one shop where they sold all sort of herbs to make love potions and teas. Then we went up to the Tor, which Brendon thinks wasn't at all a steep hike, only even the sheep was almost toppling over while standing on all 4. I was also in danger because the wind always wanted to push me off the hill. We once again also had the dramatic clouds and took some nice pictures of the Island of Avalon. And the surrounding fields. And the sheep. And Brendon.

The straight Tor of Glastonbury
Sheep on the steep
Dramatic clouds again

Then down to the Glastonbury Abbey or whats left of it. The kitchen for example. Brendon liked that. He likes big kitchens. And the rest of the ruins and then we went home.

Very nice picture of the ruins of the Abbey

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