Friday, 24 September 2010

Sunday Walk

On Sunday I went for a walk around our home. It was kind of sad. British architecture is really not doing much good for the look of the city. We are lucky with our house, but wherever I look I see decay. Bad quality cheap materials, ugly tall houses, rotting house boats and overused McDonalds. Mind you it is a nice walk. It was just grey weather. Plus being a foreigner on Sundays is usually depressing. And Brendon was out being a guy, watching football and drinking beer. I was alone enjoying social housing in the western suburbs of London.

Houseboating traffic jam

Bridge Steam Museum

River Thames during low tide being muddy

Phallic suburbia

Inside and outside

Playground in the park with a view

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  1. Az ötödik fotó kiváló! Emlékszem rá, hol van a kép, de mások ezt nem tudhatják! Csináld tovább!