Friday, 3 December 2010

Australian Honeymoon

And so we went to Australia. Brendon promised sunshine and heat, which kind of almost came, except when we arrived, it was pouring down. And was kinda cold.
But whatever. Australia is great, the hills and mountains are beautiful and we saw koalas and ate kangaroos and watched Brendon surf and drove thousands of kilometers (Brendon did most of the driving, I only drove when everybody else was drunk) and visited family and friends and waterfalls and two states worth of driving license registration offices.
Honestly funny to visit a country where the first non-aboriginal settlement means younger than my apartment in Copenhagen.
And they are singing little songs in the TV commercials.
Like this except of course newer.

And the most important... I was attacked by a humongous leech. It wanted to suck the blood out of me by attaching itself between my middle and ring finger. And then I must have smelled very odd, because it just left. Jumped off and disappeared in the jungle.
I think Brendon was disappointed, he was ready to drive an hour with my throbbing hand and a big and growing leech til the next salt.
Everybody should go to Australia. People are real nice and they have lots of pie.
Pictures coming soon.


  1. Én már nagyon várom azokat a fotókat! Még nem láttam egyet sem, pedig a koalák különösen izgatnak!

  2. J'ai compris,куда tűnt el hónapokra.Don Giovanni Brendonez kidnapelte, bebeszélte, aussyk angels in the corner,aztán szép magyar lányok vérét szomjazó nadályok elé vetette,miközben Bp-en mamácskája haiku sikolyokat hallatott,daddyje lerágta mond a 10 körmét,mert féltették.Pardonable volna,ha a ködös Albion helyett Granadába viszi vissza.Na és mikor látjuk a megígért pictures?
    A magyarul írásáról már nem is ejtünk szót...

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