Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sunshine in Chiswick

So we ventured out last Sunday to see the Sun. Also to buy a car battery charger for Brendon's car, which cried itself dry during the last month of loneliness and boredom. And snow and cold.
There we probably thousands of people on the streets. OK, maybe only hundreds, but the sun just makes everything and everybody come alive. Even if it was only 3 degrees. We walked all the way home. 2.5 miles. The last mile with a battery charger. Hand in hand... I mean with Brendon.


Yellow tunnel

Blue Sky

More stripes


  1. Kedves BB!Nem elég 3 üldöző:Brendon,Snow,Cold,forgatja furkósbotját Kéretlen Kommentelő is.Le is sújt Kegyedre.Mindegyik fotó super,особенно:1.Blue Sky,2.More stripes,3.Yellow tunnel,4.Stripes.
    Avanti popolo!Presto ma non troppo

  2. Nálam is a harmadik nyert. De a többi is tetszik. Régi emlék: Budapest éjjel...Ezt Londonban is meg lehetne ismételni! De csak kísérővel!