Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunny weekend with Pogacsa

On Saturday we went to South London to see the Norman Rockwell exhibition. I always had this strange love and hate relationship towards his work, cos he is really good and funny, but he is also probably the person who ruined Santa Claus for the rest of the world. I mean he made a Parker pen commercial with Santa, how dare he... Among other creatively strange illustrations... On the way to the museum I got to see the Dulwich College, which is kinda interesting as I have just read a couple of days ago about that Sir Ernest Shackleton went to school there. Who is actually my personal hero. The whole journey with the Endurance and afterwards the way they got back to South Georgia and then rescued the others from the Elephant Island is a story to read.
Anyhow, after the exhibition we went back to Brentford and wanted to have dinner at the riverside, but the party was too big, so we only had gin&tonic. And then Brendon made fish for dinner and it was super good. It was so sunny whole day long lovely lovely.
Today wasn't so sunny, but I made pogacsa. It tasted better than looked, I think the heat was too high and the yeast was too little. And Brendon made good dinner again. My little cook.

College of Dulwich

Stripes and stripes

Gin and tonic

Tunnel vision

Riverside sun

Sun and sun




  1. Pál utcai /24/a/21 March 2011 at 09:33

    Régóta várok Magára,de bizonnyal jó oka volt a hallgatásra.Ennek a szőr /masseur?/Shackletonnak majd utánanézek.De Kegyednek nem Br.Kelly a heroja?Pogácsából legjobb a töpörtős,de a sajtos,a túrós se kutya/eledel/.Kegyed is szeret lépcsőn fölfelé törni,mint Papácskája.
    Fotói,mint mindig.Az írása is.
    Go on!

  2. Pogácsát sütni nehéz tudomány. (Én csak tudom, évtizedekig nem ment :-))Viszont a Zila Kávéházban kiválóan művelik...Abból viszek nektek!!!
    A fotók kiválóak! First: "sun and sun".