Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Thruxton race circuit

The absolute sunniest day of the year found us in Thruxton, where Brendon had the Lotus Exige experience with the ARDS test. Something must be seriously wrong with me, because I always thought cars are for driving from point A to point B. I guess Brendon thinks totally otherwise. There is something so touching to see him as he goes close to Ferraris and Formula Renaults with little twinkle in his eyes and he thinks he is in a perfect place talking to other twinkle eyed people. And what do they talk about? I have no idea, because they are numbers and 3 letters abbreviations in rapid succession. And corner taking theories... And flag colors... And speeding and racing and taking over the other guy in the Porsche and sliding and slipping and skipping and skidding. And going REAL FAST! And if you don't go real fast then it is not interesting at all. I wouldn't say it was the most interesting 7 hours of my life, because the race track is in the middle of nowhere on an airport field, and there is only so many pictures I can take of orange coloured witches hats, but to see Brendon happy worth so much more.

My honey is a certified race driver now! I am so proud of him. My nose and forehead got totally burnt.

The two Lotus in question

Ready to take the world

The small yellow is him


The favourite

This one is the artistic picture of the day

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  1. Papácska sincs,Anka sincs,csak Brendon van és a musztángjai minden mennyiségben.Szó se róla,szép lovak,de csak a BB fotói miatt.Maga azért ne üljön föl ezekre a paripákra,maradjon csak a földön,és fotózgasson szorgalmasan.
    Még szorgalmasabban:írjon!