Sunday, 19 December 2010

First set of pics from Australia

Scaling up the wombat.
Wombats are one of the cosiest animals. They look like nothing else
and you just want to wildly cuddle them. But you are not allowed.
They have pockets though and sleep on their back with legs to all sides.

Gee, I take pics of plants...

Ficus watkinsia, which is not a tree

View from Mountville
The green has a totally different color in Australia.
It is almost neon green. Bit crazy and very 80s.
Stormy Byron Bay
When we arrived, it was really still stormy at Byron Bay,
but the colors are always more pronounced when the
weather is like this, and anyway... It was the Pacific Ocean.
THE OCEAN... I love the water, the wastness, the immense power
 and the fact that it is so ancient. Me in a funny mood...
Sleeping Koala
They do sleep a lot. And their butt is hard, because they sit on it
so much, that they need a less sensitive part. My butt is big too,
but I don't sleep that much. But then I also don't eat eucalyptus
leaves, although they smell pretty good. The leaves, not the
koalas. They smell like furry animals.

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