Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Petworth revisited

Celebrating the visit of my parents, we decided to take a look at Petworth again, this time in the wonderful British springtime. We had no sun, but had no rain either, so I guess we were lucky. No deers, but ducks and as they are both animals and start with a 'd', it is as good as it gets. They still provided new zoological knowledge to Brendon. Yes yes, Europe and our wonderful and interesting fauna.

But to remember the previous trip, I am happy to share that the amount of deer poo, although differently distributed, still is the same. What else? Pictures are still on the wall, only the direction of the viewing turned around. The spaniels are still getting into the water and probably becoming real smelly afterwards, but that must be somebody else problems. And the sadness in Brendon's eyes is still the same when he cannot have ham and mustard sandwich from the "high tea for two" plates. Poor poor Brendon. He had to have scones with clotted cream and jam.

My parents in the middle of the green
Spring time forrest
Duck attack
Oh the delight of being photographed

Chinese chest door in the castle

Dandelion... Or not


  1. Senki fia /Verne/9 April 2011 at 09:21

    A My parents megrendítő. A Duck attack és a Chinese chest door...bravúros,mint a Kegyed fotói always.Már magam is megszerettem ezt a Brendont. Naturellement,nem úgy,mint Maga.Rendes srác.

  2. Mindenre emlékszem...Szép nap volt!
    Petworthba az út egy része igazi angol vidéki kirándulás, ajánlom mindenki figyelmébe!
    A kacsák!!! És a többiek???!!!