Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Weekend in Wales Part 1

Considering that rain is always falling in Wales, we had one hell of a burnt nose in the end of the second day.

We stayed in this wonderful B&B and I mean wonderful. And pink. With a fairy garden. As a matter of fact, the whole thing was very fairy tale like. And at least every second house is pink. And there were sheep sprinkle everywhere. And the sea too.

But to start in the beginning, we had a day off plus the weekend and drove to North Pembrokeshire in South Wales. The first day we walked around in the old harbor of Fishguard, where famous movies like Under Milk Wood with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were shot. Also Moby Dick with Gregory Peck. The pictures are from the fort above the harbor. (Fort which has real canons... never fired though)

The extra pictures are from the house where we stayed. It is really old. Used to be the farmhouse of most of the land as far as you can see. Now it has the most interesting neighbor. A dairy farm which is not smelly. Many many cows. Very strange indeed. Though they look totally cool when early morning they are going to work.

There were also 2 cats, one of them wanted to be on every single picture, the other one kept sleeping on Brendon's car and leaving fur all over. (We knew it was him, because he was the white one)

Next two days are coming when I get there, but don't despair... There will be many more pictures.

That is me and the fort

The country of fences

Fence plus beautiful view

Fence and the fort and the view
Garden view with early morning mist and dancing trees

The pink house where we stayed plus the black cat

Fairy garden for Brendon's mum

Not a church but a bell to call the workers in

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