Thursday, 28 April 2011

Weekend in Wales Part 2

The second day we went first to the lighthouse of Strumble Head. We were the first ones there. The place was still covered with clouds which kept swimming and rolling through the hills. The roads there were also crazy, single line narrow nothings sometimes so deep in clouds, that we couldn't see anything. The lighthouse is magnificent. I actually think all lighthouses are magnificent, because what they represent and what they did forever. Saved so many.

The next place we visited was Carreg Samson, which is a dolmen. Or cromlech, just to show off my non-existing Welsh knowledge. We had a map for walking and biking. Based on that we tried to find this place in the middle of somebody's farm. Brendon absolutely didn't believe we would find it. So when we actually turned off the road to a place called Longhouse (which is just a big and not very pretty farm), he said it better be the most fantastic view he can imagine. Then he didn't speak any further. Cos it actually was one of the most fantastic things to see. Really in the middle of a field probably for sheep, looking towards the harbor of Abercastle, the sea and the rocks of the shore line. To carry on with the Welsh lecture, Aber in geographical terminology means a confluence (where two waters meet) So Fishguard, where we stayed at night for example called Abergwaun, which is the mouth of river Gwaun. And you will hear more about the Gwaun river more in the next episode.

So Carreg Samson is a 5000 year old burial ground of about 1000 people. It is as old as Stonehenge, and the stones for Stonehenge were actually from the Preselli Hills,which is exactly where we stayed. Although it may seem small, it is way taller than any human. And if that isn't enough, we saw a seal at the harbor of Abercastle. It actually climbed out to one of the pontoons and had a proper sun bathe. Almost was lying on its back to get more sunshine on his belly. The first ever seal I saw outside a zoo. The rest of the nature was very pretty, especially if you like rugged landscapes. Brendon had a bit of an accident with a pile of cow poo which camouflaged itself as a piece of stone. But we don't talk about it. Then we went to St Davids, which happened to be the smallest city of Britain. Only 2000 people, but the one of oldest cathedral (and a very BIG cathedral). Fairly impressive. Good ice cream.
Then we went to the beach of Whitesands. Little sad Brendon remembered Australia and surfing so we went to St Justinian to have a look at Coastal walk there and what a walk it was. I couldn't stop taking pictures and Brendon couldn't stop wondering about the water, very typical strait water in Europe :)
Then we had dinner, when the sun went down and drove back to our B&B in the deepest fog ever. Clouds were back and attacking.
It truly was a wonderful day, our face got sun, we were walking many miles and saw many incredibly beautiful things.
I don't even think that the pictures do justice to what we saw.

Strumble Head in clouds

Abercastle harbor

Unknown origin of blobs on the ground

The farm of Longhouse

Carreg Samson

Whitesands rocks

Brendon on the rocks

St Justinian coastal walk

Ramsey Island where St Justinian was a hermit and sunset

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